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Course Conditions

OPEN FOR AS OF 7:00 am
 .3 inches of Rain from 630-730am
Yellow Flag - 90 DEGREE RULE for Handicap Flags


  • Pushcarts are not permitted on any green, tee, or in any bunker. Pushcarts may travel between a green and a bunker but not closer than five (5) feet of any green. Power golf carts may not be driven or parked on any ’grassed or turf’ area that is within thirty (30) yards of a tee, green, or bunker.
  • Pulling and driving routes shall be varied to avoid creating an unwanted pathway. Players should avoid pulling/driving over any damaged spots on the fairway.
  • Only two players and their golf clubs may be transported in a rental cart.
  • Pull carts/power carts must not be pulled or driven over standing water or soft spots. Fairway crossovers with power carts (when permitted) must be made only on firm, high ground.
  • Colored flags will be displayed at the first and tenth tees to notify power cart operators about driving conditions. The daily color of the flag is determined by the Greens Superintendent or in his absence an employee from his department identified by him. These flags will be as follows:
  • The 90º rule: When power carts are allowed on the fairways they must be kept on the cart paths until the player is opposite the ball. From this point, the player should turn the cart 90º and drive straight to the ball in the fairway. After hitting, the player should drive the cart directly back to the cart path by the shortest route.
  • Physically challenged members who must use power carts may apply for a medical flag. The GPGC requires a copy of your DMV handicap placard to apply for a medical flag. This flag will be displayed on the power cart while it is on the course, on yellow flag days. The medical flag applies only to the holder of the flag, not both players in the cart, unless both have flag privileges. Players with medical flags must sign agreements on conditions of use. The Business Manager will maintain a file containing a list of approved medical flag users and expiration dates.
  • Violations of pull/power cart rules may result in suspension or termination of cart privileges. The golf professionals shall report repeated violations to the Board of Directors.
  • Only two power carts are authorized for one group of golfers except in the case of a fivesome whereby three carts are allowed.
  • All drivers of powered golf carts, whether privately owned, club leased or rented daily must be a minimum 16 years of age and posses a current valid driver’s license. All club employees who are required to drive powered carts must also be a minimum 16 years of age and posses a current valid driver’s license. All non-member drivers of rental carts shall be required to list their driver’s license number and state of issue.
Architect: Bob Baldock
Jim Ramey (Master Plan 2000 to date)
Tees: Annual Bluegrass over seeded with Perennial Rye Grass
Fairways: Annual Bluegrass over seeded with Perennial Rye Grass
Bunkers: Ravensdale Bunker Sand
Greens: Poa/Bentgrass
Green Speed: N\A