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Club Activities

Grants Pass Golf Club is more than just great golf!

Offering a recreational life style of activities that touch the interest of friends, families and business needs, Grants Pass Golf Club has a wide range of club activities to spark the interest of every family member.

Social Events that feature area winery dinners, theme dinners to celebrate Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s and a regular schedule of monthly casual dinners provide Club members with a wide range of delicious, value added social and dining experiences to capture the interests and appetite of every member.

Our Calendar of Club Golf Events

Are presented with a divided emphasis for social and competitive golf for all skill levels. You’ll find a generous schedule of organized events that favor social golf with rewards for a well played round as well as a competitive grind of championship events that decorate the halls of our trophy case. Events for juniors, seniors, men, women and couples together present just over 100 organized golf events each year with a diverse schedule that won’t take away from the core of regular play.

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