Club History

The original vision for Grants Pass Golf Club began in 1946 when eleven local businessmen and golfers got together to discuss their desire for a golf course. In 1948, after considerable financial and physical support, they and others were able to play on their new 9-hole course.

Many of these founders remained committed to their dream and were instrumental in acquiring the land necessary for an additional nine holes and in 1972 Grants Pass Golf Club emerged as a full 18-hole course.

At its founding the club was supported through the sale of shares of stock. The original stock issuance accommodated only 200 members. Following the completion of the second nine holes, the membership and associated stock issuance was increased to 450. 1946 is distant history. Yet, we are indebted to the vision of the forward looking group of eleven. Their inspiration led to the magnificent setting enjoyed by today’s members.

Marvin Clark Clark’s Grocery and Clark’s Insurance
Earl Voorhies Courier Publishing Company
Bill Heath Union Oil Distributing
Fred Langley Langley’s Toggery
Karl Bennett B & B Grocery and Caveman Bowl
Millard Hodges Hodges High School Store
Stewart Orr 3 C’s Lumber Company
Simcoe Chapman Lumber Sales
T.J. Hedrick Englar-Huson Lumber Company
Romey Ullian Sheet Metal Company
Bill Rohlfing Rohlfing Appliance Company