Club Governance

Grants Pass Golf Club is a unique member owned organization. Our Club’s structure is designed to maximize membership input and provide competent integrity-based governance through our elected Board of Directors.

Our organizational structure begins with our member-based committees who manage issues of importance to the Club. Each Board Member is assigned to an individual committee so there is a direct link between our members and the governing Board. The corporate powers, government and management of the Club are vested in our Board of Directors.

The Club at full membership consists of 450 shareholders each owning one share of stock in Grants Pass Golf Club. The value of each share fluctuates based on market conditions and each shareholder is an owner of an equal share of corporate assets.

2021 Board of Directors

President Cory Fox
Vice President Mike Green
Secretary Tena Biddle
Treasurer Chuck Sampson
  Wendy Hawkins
  Sherrie Waterhouse

2021 Committee Directors

Membership Wendy Hawkins
  Sherrie Waterhouse
Finance Chuck Sampson
Pro & House Cory Fox
Mike Green - Director
Tena Biddle - Chairman